Goodwill Ambassador

Tomas Garza

Tomas Garza Organization/Effort: Peace Corps Location: Mongolia Service Work: Teaching English to adults and elementary-age students “It reminds you that there is nothing insurmountable about a language barrier – that commonalities between people

Yvette Kaplan

Yvette Kaplan Organization: Facing History and Ourselves Location: Various Service Work: Educating students and adults about the Holocaust “I think it’s very important to be an Ambassador of Goodwill, to open people’s eyes

Art Imitating Life: A Love Story Of Combined Passions

Evan Kilgore holds a fine arts degree in musical theatre and has worked as a freelance actor, singer and recording artist. While he was a student, he had the opportunity to take school trips to Europe, where he developed a

My Roam Sweet Roam…Oh the Places You Could Go!

San Francisco to Yosemite Heading to Yosemite National Park was definitely an adventure in itself. Winding up the foothills to the entrance, my anticipation was at an all time high, and I was thrilled to get to experience such a

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