5 Benefits of Group Travel

Traveling is one of the most fantastic ways to spend your time. The thought of seeing the world and experiencing the unknown is top of mind for many people. When you finally decide it’s time to venture out to a

8 Reasons to Be Thankful for Tour Directors / Guides

For many, the ideal Thanksgiving is not about consuming massive amounts of turkey and stuffing and parking in front of the TV for a day of sports. Some would rather spend their holiday feeling waterfall spray in Costa Rica or

Eugene Ebner

Eugene Ebner Organization: Ebner-Page Productions Location: Denver Service Work: Embracing diversity and making a difference through various tours and media enterprises “It’s connecting on this deeper level and being able to inspire guests

8 Lame Excuses for Not Becoming a Tour Director / Guide

Whatever your reasons are for not pursuing your dream career, they’re probably not good enough. Depending on your current life or financial situation, becoming a tour director / guide might seem far-fetched. Perhaps you’ve told yourself that now just isn’t

Storytelling: To Connect, Engage, Entertain

The following post was written by Sarah Elkins – writer, storyteller, professional speaker, and 2016 ITMI Symposium and Reunion keynote speaker. It originally appeared on her website, elkinsconsulting.com. I had a great time speaking at the International Tour Management Institute’s 2016 Annual

International Travel Careers – How to Travel for a Living

It can be challenging for recent college graduates to land jobs that align with their passion and expertise, particularly for those who pursued liberal arts. Maybe you majored in English Lit with an emphasis on Victorian poetry. Or perhaps you

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