What if…

…there was someone who is already successful in your dream career? What if they held your hand and walked you through all of their steps, secrets to success, mistakes to avoid, and helped you get hired so that you can confidently take that first step towards your dream travel career?

For six decades Tour Companies have been hiring ITMI graduates because they have invested in themselves to be professionally trained, mentored and supported in their future growth and success.

Through our partnerships with countless travel companies, we know exactly how to get you started. We’ve designed a world-class training experience to prepare you for these opportunities and help open doors to make your career dreams come true. We’ve integrated the latest trends in travel along with technology to help you be prepared for success.

When you are accepted into the ITMI Tour Certification Training Program and enroll, you will begin your journey through the following process.

How does this training program work?

There are two parts to the ITMI Certification Program

Your training begins with our online self-study Travel Leader Fundamentals program. You will get an in-depth introduction to the tourism industry and what to expect when you become part of it. Next, you will complete live online classes where we will study the ins and out of all skills necessary to provide a great tour experience to your guests. Once this training is complete, you can continue your journey with the Tour Director Certification Program.



$250 Registration Fee + $1,250 Tuition


  • Receive World-Class Professional Travel Leadership Training so that you can successfully lead tours
  • Make confident decisions about the direction you want to take and the type of career you want
  • Make a living doing what you love
  • See the joy and excitement in people's faces as you show them something they've waited their entire life to see
  • Broaden your mind by discovering exciting new things you can't learn from a book
  • Be a part of a community that feels like your chosen family, who understands you, shares your desires, encourages you, and celebrates your successes


The capstone on your ITMI experience will be joining us the Tour Director Field Training. We will embark on a 5 day journey down the coast of California where we deep dive into the “how to” of being an over the road Tour Director. When you finish the ITMI course, you will not only have received a top tier education, but have first hand knowledge and hands on experience which will provide you with the confidence for success and a skill set to shine.




  • Travel all around the world with people and share your passion for your favorite places
  • Meet new friends and build lifelong relationships around the world
  • Get your dream job! Tour Companies say, “If they come from ITMI, we give them an interview.”
  • Be a part of a movement where you are truly making a difference everyday
  • Access to ongoing community training and educational experiences so you continue to sharpen your skills and stay connected
  • You are not alone, you become a part of a family who understands, supports, and celebrates you! This means that no matter what challenges you may face on the road, you have a network of the top tour professionals in the industry to help you. More than just colleagues, as an ITMI graduate, you become a part of a tight knit family who supports and celebrates each other
  • You finally get to take control and live the next chapter of your life in a way that fills your heart with joy

Meet Scott

“Today was my last day in the office at my current job and I have been reflecting on the events of the last four months. It has been a bit hectic having one foot in my “old life” while trying to prepare for my “new life”, and yet it has been very exciting and rewarding too.

I recently attended the two-day tour company training/interview. It was so very easy to tell which folks were ITMI graduates and which were not. I don’t say that in a boastful or “we’re better than you are” kind of way, but rather as an acknowledgment of all that you taught us.

The ITMI folks simply came to the table with a better tool set and a better understanding of what was expected of them. That is a testament to each and every one of our instructors. Several members of our class were there and we were all talking about how well the training class had set us up for success. You truly practiced what you preached—you turned us on then turned us loose. And you have continued to guide us in countless ways.

You really taught, led, and empowered us in so many ways. We still have so much to learn and yet, we have such a wonderful foundation on which to anchor that learning. A very heartfelt and sincere thank you to each and everyone who helped teach me and my fellow classmates. It is so very much appreciated.”

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