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Coronavirus Economic Relief Bill:

Do you qualify for government assistance?​

As most of you know, the US Government just passed the $2 trillion economic relief bill into law last week to extend aid to tens of millions of American households affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

This includes direct payments to individuals, expanded unemployment coverage, and more.

If you are a Tour Guide, Tour Director, Tour Manager, or Tour Operator, you are probably thinking…what does this mean for me?

  • Do I qualify for assistance?
  • Perhaps your income is reported only on 1099s as an independent contractor…
    Am I eligible for a stimulus check if I meet the income thresholds?
  • Maybe you are self-employed as a tour director/guide receive both W2s and 1099s… Can I file for unemployment? If so, how do I file for unemployment?
  • What if you have an incorporated business…Can I lay myself off and file for unemployment? Am I eligible for any loans?
  • Perhaps you sell tour packages and have deposits from clients. They want refunds but you have already paid vendors. You have not received refunds from vendors…How do I handle this? Are there any tax benefits that could help offset my losses?

To help you understand what this means and what financial assistance you qualify for, ITMI (International Tour Management Institute) in partnership with NFTGA (National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) hosted a webinar with Caldwell CPAs this week.

Special Guest Speaker:

Bill Caldwell, CEO / CPA, Caldwell CPAs

Bill and the team at Caldwell CPA’s have been helping tour industry professionals for decades. As frequent speakers at tourism industry conferences and consultants to the tourism industry, Caldwell CPAs truly understands the needs of tour operators, tour guides, tour directors and motorcoach companies.

During this webinar, Bill will address your most pressing questions about the tax implications of the COVID-19 virus and some government assistance programs recently passed.

If you would like to better understand what this bill means to you as a tour guide / director, tour manager or tour operator, please watch the replay of this webinar below.

Replay from April 2, 2020 Webinar with Bill Caldwell

In case you missed this important webinar, we have the following recording available for you to watch and share with friends and colleagues who are looking for guidance and assistance. We have also included the presentation slides, as well as links to resources, to get you started.

A special thanks to Ellen Malasky, president of NFTGA, Bill Caldwell and Lisa Curtin, the ITMI team, and all those who joined us to make this learning experience possible.

Presentation Slides

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