I’m Outnumbered

It all started innocently enough, about a year ago, over pizza. My wife and I had been invited to go on vacation, to Walt Disney World and on a cruise, with two friends….another tour guide and his wife, a meeting planner.

Ain’t No Sunshine

I know, I know…It’s melodramatic; but things are just a bit more monochromatic anytime she goes away. But things can change. Life can turn a person around and set them on a very unexpected path, and help them to find their niche. It’s happened before, and it’s happening
again now.

I Use to Hate to Travel

Let’s face it; I was never a very good traveler. I always preferred a seat on the couch and reality TV to the seat in coach and reality itself. I was much better at reading a mystery than reading a map, and culinary adventures were secondary to fast food familiarity.

I’m Not an Ugly American

We are nearing the end of our 10 day whirlwind European vacation. With backpacks and train tickets we have made stops in Paris, Venice, Barcelona and finally, Madrid. We have been treated to culinary delights, artistic masterpieces, architectural wonders, welcoming locals, and inspiring adventure.

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