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The Premier Institute for Tour Directors, Guides and Tourism Professionals Since 1976

Do you have a passion for travel?

Does the sheer adventure of travel make your spirit soar?

Are you searching for a flexible career that offers you the opportunity to create the lifestyle of your dreams, to make a difference in the world and in the lives of the people you meet along the way? Then consider joining the thousands of tour directors and guides that have been Certified by ITMI for almost four decades!

The International Tour Management Institute is the first state certified school in North America to educate professional tour directors and guides.

Remarkably, in just 15 days, we are going to take you from where you are now, to learning everything you need to know about your new tour directing lifestyle, including responsible and sustainable tourism. We will teach you not only how to be a tour director, we will also teach you how to get a job, so you can begin to live your dream!

If you are the right person for tour directing, you have been preparing for this career all your life and just didn't know it! If a travel career is truly your passion, we strongly encourage you to listen to your heart, your intuition and let the ITMI community help you make an informed decision that will change your life!

We invite you to explore the world of tour directing.

Let ITMI guide you on your journey…

The ITMI Cornerstone of Commitment:

  • Education – receive individual mentoring and coaching from experienced role models who are all active tour directors. The ITMI faculty provides you real world, hands-on, practical application in both the classroom and in the field. You will learn everything you need to know to become a successful tour director or guide.
  • Partnership over 7,000 alumni have built our reputation. Your success is our success. Our partnership with you extends for the life of your career and far beyond our job placement assistance.
  • Community – Join the world's largest community of professional tour directors and guides by attending our annual ITMI Symposium & Reunion, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and connecting on LinkedIn. And we will see you on the road!



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