Why Motorcoach Driver Training is a Must

There’s much more to being a Motorcoach Driver than driving a Motorcoach.

Every Driver plays a vital role in the overall success of a Group Tour. Their professionalism, attitude, and critical thinking abilities are essential to ensuring that every Tour Guest has an enjoyable experience and feels safe.

The Motorcoach Driver is also the face of the Motorcoach Company they represent. Everything they do on the coach and off is a reflection of their employer’s culture, ethos, and desire for building long-term relationships with Tour Operators, Tour Directors / Guides, and the numerous Supplier / Travel Partners they work with every day.

Here’s why Motorcoach Driver Training is a must:

More business: Price is only one of many factors tour operators consider when selecting a Motorcoach Company. Referrals, reviews, and relationships also determine who gets their business and for how long. Driver Training teaches the level of service and behavior that is expected and how to exceed it every time. Training also helps boost Driver Moral & Retention.

Increased gratuities: More tips mean happier drivers. Happier drivers mean happier groups. Every Tour Guest on a Motorcoach Tour is there to have a good time. When they see their Driver going “above & beyond” what’s expected, it means a lot. The Driver’s attitude, professionalism and understanding of customer service, is usually compensated by increased gratuities. In training, Drivers learn the importance of customer satisfaction and other tricks of the trade.

Heightened enjoyment: Just because they’re working doesn’t mean Drivers can’t have fun. One of the perks of the job is getting to enjoy many of the same beautiful sights and experiences as the group. When Drivers are prepared to handle any task or issue that may arise, they tend to relax and open up. Connecting appropriately with the Tour Director / Guide, Group Leader, and the Tour Guests at the front of the coach leaves a huge positive impression.

Better communication: The Motorcoach Driver and Tour Director have the same goal: to ensure a positive experience for their Tour Guests that they’ll remember forever. However, these two professionals can often work toward that same goal from different perspectives and this can produce conflict. Driver Training teaches the Psychology of Group Travel to help the Driver better understand the role of the Tour Director and each other’s unique personality. This knowledge lays the groundwork for constructive dialogue and mutual respect for each other, the Tour Guests, and Suppliers / Travel Partners.

Crisis preparedness: Drivers must know how to respond to medical emergencies, but there are many other crisis situations they may encounter. Angry, Scared, or Upset Guests must always be attended to in a timely and compassionate manner. Effective conflict resolution is truly an art form – one that requires rationality and finesse in equal measure. Driver Training covers a number of possible scenarios that teaches Drivers how to respond courteously, sympathetically and professionally. Although remote, the training also addresses Terrorism.

ITMI’s one (1) day Motorcoach Driver Certification teaches Drivers how to work effectively with their Motorcoach Company, Tour Directors & Guides, Group Leaders, Tour Guests, Suppliers / Travel Partners and other Drivers.

Every course is customized to the special needs of the Motorcoach Company and is “team taught” by an ITMI Certified Driver and an ITMI Certified Tour Director, who will provide a three-ring binder for each Driver to use as a reference guide on the road.

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