Young Adult / Graduate

“I don’t fit the traditional career path”

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Are you a young adult trying to figure out if college is right for you?

Have you recently graduated from college with a degree in history, journalism, liberal arts, or international studies?

Perhaps you are working in your first or second job but finding it unsatisfying. You are wondering, “What else is out there?”

Are you bored, sitting in an office, just going through the motions in a passionless job?

Do you feel like you don’t have much control over your life as others tell you what to do?

Are you afraid that if you continue on your current career path or choose a traditional one that in a blink of an eye, you will get stuck in an office job many years later asking yourself, “Why didn’t I take that chance for myself?”

Have you ever felt like the black sheep or odd one in your family who dreams of a job that will allow you to grow, find joy, and provide yourself with the means to do what you love?

You probably can’t stand the idea of being tied down to a 9 to 5 desk job.

Have you ever been told that your dreams aren’t realistic and it’s not a job you could support yourself? You need to follow a more secure way of making a living.

Maybe you’ve been told that it’s just another fad you are trying because you keep hopping from one job to another and can’t seem to commit to something.

Deep down, you feel like you HAVE TO be yourself and do something you are passionate about.

Your ultimate dream is to live a life that inspires people, helps you grow as a person, and make a difference.

You’re probably frustrated that society seems to have a career plan for others, but you just don’t fit that mold.

Looking back at your life experiences, did you feel happiest and connected to the world when you were traveling and meeting people?

When you were younger, did you study abroad, spent a gap year traveling, or visited many places with your family?

If you did, was this experience exciting and life-changing for you?

Did it open your eyes and heart to a greater world?

Do you miss being a part of an international community with friends around the world?

If you have done some personal travel, do you find that traveling challenges your perspectives, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and helps you become a better person?

Do you ever dream of getting paid to travel, learn, share ideas, and help others?

Does the idea of exploring new places, trying different things, meeting people, learning about cultures, and making a positive impact through your career brings a smile to your face?

Do you ever consider yourself a teacher, but don’t see yourself in a traditional classroom?

Perhaps as much as you love to travel, have your opportunities been limited because of your age or the fact that your current job doesn’t pay enough or give you enough time off?

Are you looking for a meaningful career that will use your talents and allow you to see the world?

If so, the big question on your mind might be “How do I make this happen?”

You’re probably wondering…

  • “What travel career opportunities are out there? Are these jobs real?”
  • “Am I qualified? Am I too young? What if I haven’t traveled much?”
  • “Do I need special training? Can I afford it? Can I just figure it out on my own?”
  • “Can I actually make a living traveling and doing what I love?”
  • “Where do I even start?”


At the end of the day, you want to build a life on your own terms.

You want a fulfilling life and career where you can travel, make meaningful connections, continue to learn and grow, have friends all around the world, and make a difference in people’s lives.

If this sounds like you, we have good news!

All of this IS POSSIBLE and you are not alone!

We invite you to check out the following inspirational stories of others who were in a similar place and now enjoy their dream travel careers.

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