What's Next for Me?

“What do I really want next for me?”

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Meet Dawn

Are you going through a big transition in your life or career?

Is your eldest child getting ready to leave home, and you are becoming an empty-nester?

Are you wrapping up your current career, but not ready for retirement yet?

Have you had a recent health scare and wondering what lifestyle changes you have to make?

If you’ve been a stay-at-home parent, caregiver, or dedicated worker, you may be thinking “What do I want next in my life?”

You may be at a place right now where you can finally do something you love or try something you haven’t had time to do.

Perhaps you’ve been so dedicated to your work or taking care of others that now you crave more balance, freedom, or something new.

If you’ve ever said, “I now realize that my life should have been my priority, and not my work”, you are not alone.

Chances are you are in a good place financially with a supportive partner or savings. You may also have valuable skills you have developed over the years.

And even though it may be fun to think about “What would I do next, if I could do anything?” you sometimes feel overwhelmed with emotions.

As a devoted parent, spouse, or co-worker, it may have been a while that you have done something JUST FOR YOU. Perhaps you’ve felt like you’ve been “living in the cracks” when it comes to time for yourself.

As you reflect on what’s possible next, does travel always seem to come up?

Perhaps you have shared unforgettable travel experiences with your family and friends. These were moments you treasure and find yourself most passionate, alive, and joyful. You were probably the one who actually planned all the details of the trip and loved every minute of it.

Do you have an Instagram account or Pinterest boards filled with travel photos and bucket lists of all the places you want to visit and things you want to experience?

You probably believe that the more we learn from and help each other, the better our world will be, and travel is by far the greatest way to making this happen.

Deep down, you’ve probably said to yourself, “When it’s my turn, travel is something I’ve always wanted to do for MYSELF.”

However, the question you may be asking is “What’s opportunities are out there that I apply my skills, have the freedom I want, and bring more joy into my life?”

If you are ready to say “yes” to an exciting next chapter of your life, but you want to be confident that it’s right for you, we invite you to listen to the following stories.

Each person was in a similar place wondering, “What’s next?” Through their inspiring journeys, they now enjoy a fulfilling life and career in travel meeting, wonderful people, continually learning and growing, exploring the world and cultures, and bringing joy to others.

You're Not Alone!

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Meet Jud

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Meet Johanna

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Meet Michael

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