Retiring from a Career

“I am retiring, now what?”

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Have you recently retired? Are you planning to retire in the coming year?

Did you work in fields like education, events planning, military service, hospitality, technology, or professional services?

Maybe you’ve been an entrepreneur and sold your business not too long ago.

Perhaps you are still hanging on to your current career past retirement because you just don’t want to slow down and sit around at home.

Do you ever wonder…“What does the next chapter in my life look like? Is there something out there that allows me to stay active, enjoy life, keep my mind sharp, make a difference, and still feel free?”

One of the hardest things at this point is figuring out what your new purpose is.

You’ve probably dedicated many years of your life working and sacrificing to earn the freedom and financial security you now enjoy.

That meant taking work in areas that may not be your passion but was good for your finances and family.

For the longest time, you’ve probably been a respected teacher, industry expert, or leader who has reached the top of your career ladder and become important in your field.

Now that you are closing this chapter of your career, do you ever wonder, “Who am I now? What am I going to do next?”

You probably want to spend more time with your family, explore your hobbies, discover the world around you, and do something that helps others.

Now that you are no longer part of a cohesive team at work, you may be looking for a like-minded community to be a part of.

Perhaps you are looking for something that could subsidize your retirement benefits and give you more freedom and extra income to travel and do the things you enjoy.

What you do know is that you don’t want to sit around watching television, take orders from a boss, be chained to a desk job again, or have the pressures of your previous career.

It’s finally time to rediscover the things you’ve always wanted to do like travel, learn, teach, and share precious moments.

As you are thinking about the possibilities of an encore career, do any of these questions come up?

  • “Am I too old?” “How will my age be viewed in this career or industry?”
  • “How do I compete with much younger folks?”
  • “Do I have to start from scratch or can I use the skills and knowledge I’ve developed during my career?”
  • “Will I feel embarrassed learning something completely new?”
  • “Am I to be able to keep up with the technology?”
  • “Will I still be able to have the flexibility and control my time?
  • “Will I get a chance to work with people l like?”

The good news is that there are numerous opportunities in the travel industry where your age, life experience, flexible schedule, are all valued.

Many retirees have discovered a new chapter in their lives where they can continue to be active, go on an adventure and explore, enjoy the freedom they’ve earned, travel and meet wonderful people, learn about new places and things, spend time with their loved ones, and bring joy to many others.

Have you ever dreamed of taking groups of people on tours all over the world? You would be taking them to the amazing National Parks, exploring in Switzerland, visiting the castles of France, tasting wine in Italy, seeing and learning about Iceland.

You would be able to make extra money to live comfortably and have several months or more off to do your own traveling and exploring.

If any of this sounds like you something you are interested in, you are not alone.

We invite you to listen to some of their stories and discover what may be possible for you.

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Retiring from a Career

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