Burnt Out Worker

“I can't take it anymore!”

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Are you approaching mid-career or thinking about early retirement?

Does your job feel more frustrating, aggravating, and disappointing now than when you first started?

Are you just going through the motions, working long hours, and waiting for that next vacation?

Do you feel trapped with little control over your schedule and life?

Maybe that promotion you got actually increased your responsibilities at work, but also extinguished the passion you once had for this career.

Do you feel burned out watching life go by sitting in front of a computer alone day after day?

Do you miss interacting with positive people and sharing life experiences?

Do you feel disconnected from those you care about?

Oftentimes, with all this stress, you might be experiencing excruciating headaches, chest pains, panic attacks, mood swings, and restless nights.

Perhaps in addition to work, you also have more responsibilities at home putting everyone else’s needs first. You often feel exhausted and sometimes resentful that you have little time and energy left for yourself.

Have you thrown up your hands and said, “I’ve had enough of this sh#t!”

Maybe you are now at a place where you can take a moment, breathe, and explore what it is you actually want to do and be in the world. You finally have space to think again rather than react to one responsibility and crisis after another.

Do you ever watch movies likeSecret Life of Walter Mitty, Eat, Pray, Love or Under the Tuscan Sun thinking…that sounds like my story…my dream?

Your heart is probably telling you to take a leap of faith and you are ready to cut ties with this mundane life and break free to become the person you long to be.  You are ready to find some of the passion you have lost over the years.

You dream of living a life of exploration, life-long learning, passion, joy, and self-discovery. You want to pursue something that you can see yourself doing long-term and not just something that pays the bills.

But the reality of needing that job security and what you would lose if you quit, snaps you back from your dreams.

It is scary thinking about giving up your job and the only career you’ve known most of your working adult life. You’re probably scared that by giving up a stable salary and a familiar job and jumping into the unknown and an uncertain career, that you are going to lose everything. That means you won’t be able to pay your rent and have money to do the things you love.

However, do you remember those moments on vacation that snapped you out of your daily rut? Those moments opened your mind and heart again.

Perhaps some of your best life experiences have been in new surroundings sharing experiences with people that you would not typically interact with at home. You’ve probably found yourself outside of your comfort zone traveling and as a result, it has brought out the best in you.

These treasured times are often the light at the end of the bleak tunnel where you see a career in travel embodying your hopes and desires.

When you think of what might be possible for your next career, do you ever go back to those times when you were traveling and experienced incredible moments of self-reflection, discovery, freedom, peace, adventure, new connections, closeness with loved ones, and a rediscovery of who you are and what you want?

Many people don’t realize that travel is a career path that includes the ability to control your own schedule, make a living, have free time to spend with family and friends, meet wonderful people, and continue growing.

If you describe yourself as a reader, explorer, or traveler who loves to learn new things, you are not alone.

You probably love travel, books, languages, documentaries, trivia, lots of little-known facts. There is a good chance that you have your phone right next to you when you watch a movie to google facts and stories about the characters, history, and locations you are seeing on the screen. And, though it may be annoying for others, you get a sense of joy when interrupting the show and share “Did you know that…”

Deep down, what your heart may desire is a fulfilling career where you can be of service to others and make a positive impact.

If this sounds like you and you are looking for more freedom, flexibility, control, fulfillment, adventure, variety, meaningful connection, personal growth, positive impact, and a like-minded community, we invite you to check out the following stories.

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