Travel, the Greatest Teacher in the World

Travel is the greatest teacher in the world. The people-to-people connection is what travel is all about.

Travel creates global bonds that dwarf geographic distances and cultural differences. Each time your travel you weave a thread in a larger world tapestry that creates a bridge across oceans and continents.

Those who travel, whether individuals or in collaboration as a group actively participate in a global shift toward a partnership of cultural transformation.

No traveler comes back a little more close minded nor do they add to a personal list of stereotypes and preconceived ideas about fellow humans in this world. Seeing not just the world, but yourself with a different eye and hearing the world and yourself with a different voice is essential. All travelers come back with a deeper understanding that we are not that different, that we all love, hope for a better future for ourselves and our families and want more peace in the world.

The personal impact of travel shows up in little nuances every day…by treating others less fortunate with a little more compassion, feeling blessed for our safety and privilege and the knowledge that it is our destiny to continue to reach out, explore, connect and share with one another.

And there are those individuals where just being a traveler is not enough and want to make travel their career. The most exciting and satisfying part of being a tour guide is the ability to share the wonder of travel with others. The priviledge to empower people to stretch personally, to grow by trying a new food, use a new language to say “hello” and “thank you”, explore the destination on their own and find that their life is enriched not only while traveling but in their every day lives at home.

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