The 5 Best Jobs for Traveling the World

ITMI Certified Tour Director Alumni – Anand, Mary, Dave & Jay on tour in Alaska

The more passionate you are about travel, the more unfulfilled you will feel by a career that ties you to a single place.

Fantasizing about exotic locales while wasting away in a cubicle or behind a cash register is no way to live. The wandelustiest among us thrive on the endless excitement, exotic cultures, and continuous learning only experienced by traveling the world. It is a yearning that takes more than a vacation or two a year to satisfy.

If you are a travel lover who fears being stuck, then you should consider one of many career options available that offer a solid living and feed that insatiable travel bug.

Here are the five best jobs for traveling the world.   

5) English Teacher: As the third most widely spoken language in the world, there is a tremendous need for native English speakers to share their knowledge. It is a common lingua franca in global commerce, so there is no shortage of contract work available throughout the world. Your native tongue can be an incredibly valuable commodity.  

4) Travel Writer: This is an incredibly romanticized travel gig, and for good reason. Few careers seem as glamorous as traveling the world on someone else’s dime, dining on gourmet food, and enjoying the kinds of sights and entertainment that others can only dream about. It’s worth noting, however, that travel writers by no means get a free ride. With all those perks come considerable behind-the-scenes research and countless late evenings of pounding out stories before deadline. Only those with remarkable discipline typically cut it.

3) Au Pair: Those with strong caretaker inclinations can find this path incredibly rewarding. It is an ideal role for men and women who want to see the world, but still crave an element of domestic stability. No two of these opportunities are alike. Pay can vary greatly depending on location and expectations. What’s most important is that you click with and are respected by the family employing you. Make sure you’re afforded plenty of free time so that you can recharge and explore on your own terms.

2) Cruise Staff: A great cruise is similar to a Broadway play. There are so many pieces that must align seamlessly to ensure success. Think about how diverse a group of experts is aboard any one ship at any given time. There are fitness instructors, naturalists, art curators, comedians, magicians, dancers, comedians, musicians, and chefs, not to mention the tireless crew of bartenders and wait staffers who are tipped well for keeping passengers happy. Your time isn’t all spent on the ship, either. You’ll have lots of opportunities to nurture your own interests when you port. 

1) Tour Guide / Tour Director: There is no better career for anyone with a genuine love of meeting new people in new places and making a difference in the world. Tour Guides / Tour Directors relish seeing the joy of travel in others every bit as much as they love experiencing it themselves. Every tour is a reminder of how travel has the power to connect guests from all walks of life and inspire all generations. Just imagine traveling the world for your career…no more cubicles, no more eating cereal for dinner to save for that trip abroad, no more trying to pack your wanderlust into two-weeks vacation each year…instead of making boards on pinterest about the exotic locals on your bucket list, replace them with photos of you in those places! 

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