Latest COVID-19 Travel Safety: What You Need to Know about Tour Attractions

Whether you are a tour operator, tour director, tour guide, or tour leader, most of us are ready to get back to work so we can make money and provide a living for ourselves and get back to doing the thing we love.

Without a vaccine, the questions on our mind are when can we start tours again and how do we do so safely?

Many hotels, restaurants, attractions, airlines, motorcoaches, and tour operators have begun implementing safety procedures like masks, social distancing, and sanitization. There are countless safety guidelines from industry associations, government bodies, and businesses.

It’s not surprising that reading all of these procedures and guidelines we feel overwhelmed and confused leaving us wondering what exactly we will need to do on our tours.

As travel resumes, are you prepared to lead groups safely?

Webinar Replay

You are invited to join us for conversations with industry leaders who have implemented new safety procedures. Together we will have a group discussion exploring your ideas and feedback on issues and process specific to tours. 

In each 90-minute session, we will focus on one component of a tour (e.g. transportation, attractions & dining, lodging, what to do when…)

The goal in each of these sessions is for you to walk away with a better understanding of a specific topic so that you can feel more prepared and confident to lead your groups.

Special Guests

We have partnered with Group Tour Media to bring you panel leaders from various Attractions to discuss the latest updates and changes.

The guest panelists from these attractions will be discussing and sharing updates based on the following questions:

  • How is your business adapting to new guidelines like social distancing, occupancy limits, and cleaning protocols? 
  • What new protocols are you implementing or requiring specifically for groups before arriving or onsite? 
  • How are food services changing or adapting over the last few months? What future changes are you planning? 
  • What new opportunities have you created for guests and groups like virtual tours and educational sessions to better engage visitors? 
  • How are motorcoach companies handling capacity limitations and what guidelines are you following for capacity?


Panelists include:


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In the first part of this series, we discussed the topic of Transportation and Motorcoach Safety with Terry Fischer, Owner of TCS Bus and co-leader of the American Bus Association Covid-19 Task Force.

If you missed this session and would like to watch the replay, click the below button

In our second session of the series, we discussed Tour Operation Safety with Marco Jahn, VP of Operations at Destination America. We also had Tour Managers Beth Meredith and Casey Walton, who are currently on the road leading tours. Each shared what they are seeing and experiencing on tour.

If you missed this session and would like to watch the replay, click the below button.

In this webinar you will learn ways to use technology to help you lead safer tours during COVID-19.

Come hang out with us online for ITMI Recess and meet new friends, reconnect, bond, learn fun games and activities for your tour guests, and play!

This event is open to anyone, even if you are not an ITMI member or in the travel industry.

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This event is open to anyone, even if you are not an ITMI member or in the travel industry.

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