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So I Married a Tour Guide….And I Want to see a Movie!

 My wife and I love to see movies together. It used to go like this: “This week you choose a movie, next week it will be my turn…” This really worked out wonderfully, in that we both got to see the movies we wanted, and we were also exposed to (and often surprisingly entertained by) the other’s choice. I like my super hero movies, she likes her historical dramas, but there was often a lot of cross over; she loves the Fast and Furious movies/I really liked Sense and Sensibility, and we both have always loved Indiana Jones (except The Temple of Doom).This also translates to television, with shows like the X Files, Agent Carter, House of Cards and Suits being destination TV.

So imagine my surprise when the weekends and evenings we often spent enjoying time together in front of a screen, big or small, became much rarer as they were often preempted by my wife’s tour schedule.

What was I to do? I wasn’t going to go it alone and watch that movie we both want to see, or continue watching episodes of a television series that we watch together (thereby forcing her to catch up at a later date-unless of course she streams shows on Netflix while she is away). The net result; a very full DVR, and movie theater outings replaced by movie rentals (this is a real First World Problem). While the subject here is motion picture entertainment (and in case you are wondering, that’s not our only activity), the larger and more important subject is learning how to be as healthy, happy and active while she is away as while she is at home, and how to make those times together fun, memorable and special.

Whether it’s just a TV episode or a historical drama (or both for that matter), or a fancy dinner; time together should be special. My wife made a delicious rib dinner for the premier of House of Cards last year, me-I set the oven mitt on fire (long story). For Valentine’s Day she made Cornish hens, and we went to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Jane Austen and the undead-talk about a cross over we both could enjoy!). I wouldn’t, however, recommend a meal with red sauce if you are watching the Walking Dead. Time together is like a jewel, the rarer it is, the more precious it becomes.

Television shows and movies aren’t really all that important, with the advent of services like Hulu and Netflix we can spend time together catching up. While she is away I get to watch the superhero shows piled up on our DVR, but more importantly I try not to spend the entire time vegetating on the couch. While I’m on my own I may reconnect with a friend over a game of pool, I may focus on writing my next article, or do some household repairs. While she is on tour I may read a new book, or try cooking a new dish (if it’s successful I’ll make it for her, if it’s not I’ll munch on a Tums and conveniently forget to mention it). If I’m happy and active while she is away, even as I miss her (and I miss her every moment she is gone), I’ll be that much better company when she is at home.

 So I married a Tour Guide….and while I love a good movie, our story is so much more entertaining.

Author: Dean Jackson

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