Art Imitating Life: A Love Story Of Combined Passions

Evan Kilgore holds a fine arts degree in musical theatre and has worked as a freelance actor, singer and recording artist. While he was a student, he had the opportunity to take school trips to Europe, where he developed a passion for travel and the fascinating cultural experiences it offers.

When a friend suggested that Evan might consider tour guiding as a profession, he thought it was well worth investigating. After conducting considerable research, he decided to submit an application to the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI), a school for professional tour guides and tour directors.

“What impressed me most about ITMI was the interview I had with Ted Bravos, the founder of the company. Instead of trying to sell me on the program, he focused almost entirely on me and the goals I had for my life. He answered my questions thoughtfully and honestly. It was clear that he had high standards and that he would not accept a student who did not possess the qualities needed to succeed as a tour guide,” states Evan.

Tour guiding offered him a way to combine both of his passions: traveling and performing. According to Evan, “Every actor has a story to tell, the only thing that changes is the stage on which the story is told; whether the setting is a regional theatre, a convention, a motor coach, or a historical site, detailing the history and culture of a destination.” He now leads tour groups throughout Europe.

“My theatrical background was outstanding preparation for life on tour. The skills I acquired as an actor go hand-in-hand with tour directing skills, as one must handle not only the backstage aspects of the logistics, coordination, and implementation of the tour, but also deliver stories that will move the audience and provide them treasured memories of their vacation,” adds Kilgore. “Actors may find that this has always been their true calling, but they had just not discovered it yet!”

#BecomeATourGuideBeacuse I’d starve as just an actor!

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