5 Reasons Tour Guides Have the Best Work-Life Balance

Whether you are seeking your first career or a change of course, Tour Guiding will offer you a unique combination of flexibility and fulfillment.

If you love traveling and meeting interesting people, training to become a Tour Guide is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Tour Guides are able to balance their careers and their personal lives in a manner that few other jobs afford. Online career community Glassdoor ranked Tour Guide among its 20 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance based on feedback from its user base.

Here are five reasons becoming a Tour Guide will provide you with the balance you need.

You Determine Your Own Schedule: There is no better career for those who want to avoid 9-to-5 monotony. One of the most appealing aspects of becoming a Tour Guide is the wealth of work schedules available. There are part-time gigs, full-time, seasonal – you name it. Whether you want to take a full dive or simply dip your toes, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities.

You Earn a Solid Living: The money is good and can be great depending on the job you land and the tips you earn. It is important to note, however, that getting wealthy shouldn’t be your sole motivation for pursuing this career. Tour Guides find their satisfaction in the rich and varied experiences they enjoy on a regular basis.

You Enjoy Beautiful Locales: Tour Guides have the greatest offices in the world. Even when they’re “at work,” Tour Guides get to experience beautiful sights and fascinating cultures. You will probably be amazed at how inspired and energized your job will leave you at the end of the day. Tour Guiding can have an incredibly positive impact on how you approach your personal or family time.

You Choose Assignments Based on Your Interests: If you’re a history buff, you’ll have no problem finding a job where you can both teach and learn. If you’d rather be eating your way through the best new restaurants in Italy, you won’t be disappointed in what’s available either. With so many travelers desiring so many different types of niche and specialized tours, you will find an opening that suits you to a tee.

You Keep Company with Like-Minded People: The value of this fact cannot be emphasized enough. When you are constantly with others who share your wanderlust and thirst for new experiences, you recharge each other’s batteries. You lift each other up in ways that few other working relationships can. Every time your guests try an exotic new food or reach a stunning mountaintop and their eyes light up, you will be reminded why you chose this amazing career.

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