We created this course for the “curious” and the “ready-for-something-new” thinkers. If you have questions about the travel industry and the large variety of jobs out there, here is where we start. Without just naming the jobs and where to get them, here is where we introduce the best training and how you keep the jobs you get. Taking this course will give you the knowledge to make good decisions about your new career. Whether far or close to home, you have entered this place to see your future in travel.

Think of this course as a building block that lays the foundation for a career within travel and tourism. Whether you choose to become a tour director/tour manager leading groups to multiple destinations or a local guide leading visitors on food or city tours or even want to start your own tour company, your dream travel career will always start with understanding the fundamentals of the tourism industry and becoming a travel leader.

Tour Guide Course Certification

 Introduction to Travel and Tourism

  • With 40 hours of content and assignments, this course will provide you the information that will allow you to make confident decisions about the direction you want to take and the type of career you want to select.
  • Our goal for you is that during and after completion of the course, you will have discovered not only how to become a successful travel leader, but how your stewardship will affect the present and future generations.
  • Tourism 101
  • The History of Travel
  • The Importance of Tourism
  • Industry Terminology
  • How Tour Companies and Guides Work Together

 Tour Guiding & Career Opportunities

  • Discover countless travel and tourism career opportunities out there for those with travel leadership skills
  • Learn many different ways you can earn money and make a living in a career as a travel leader
  • Understand what skills are required to get hired and be successful as a travel leader
  • Know where to find career opportunities

 Is Tour Guiding for You?

  • Overcome some of the roadblocks that may be holding you back from pursuing your dream travel career
  • Hear inspirational stories and advice from students just like you who are now living their dream travel career

 What Skills Do You Need?

  • Have clarity on where your current skills are and how to develop the necessary skills to succeed
  • Receive tools to help you navigate some of the challenges in the industry

Part 2

Live Online

In this 3-day weekend training program, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice skills like storytelling and commentary, tour planning and routing, technology, public speaking, walking tours, airport meet and greet, travel and motorcoach safety, and much more.


 Research, Technology & Storytelling

  • How to prepare and deliver exciting and memorable tour commentary
  • How to research and plan a tour even if you've never been to the destination
  • How to distill information into concise commentary regardless of time limits
  • How to use storytelling to engage guests and create unforgettable experiences
  • How to use technology using create multi-media presentations to enhance commentary
  • How to use microphones safely and effectively on moving vehicles
  • How to use Google My Maps and online technologies to plan and route tours

 Storytelling foundations as well as essential technology and multimedia

  • How do I know what to say, how do I know if I said and presented it well, and how do I get feedback from experts?
  • How to fill extra time with meaningful commentary and entertain guests
  • How to enthusiastically and confidently deliver tour commentary without speech distractors
  • How to balance facts and storytelling to create outstanding customer experiences
  • Each assignment will up the complexity of these core components

 Safety & logistics

  • How to plan, map, time, and route any tour assignment
  • Where & how do you start planning a city tour?
  • How to combine commentary, logistics and technology into a 5-star guest experience
  • How to implement COVID-19 travel safety protocols
  • How to create logistical back up plans for unexpected situations
  • How to create a pre-tour checklist and make vendor confirmations
  • How to find emergency services in any situation
  • How to organize each tour day with commentary, storytelling, points of interest, timing charts, rest stops, and filler material
  • How to keep guests and tour directors safe on and off the motorcoach
  • How to use a visualization method to effectively route tours to any destination
  • How do you know where to go and how would you begin to plan
  • What are the specific logistics that we need to consider when planning a tour?
  • How to communicate professionally and not get un-hired
  • How to feel confident guiding in a new city
  • How to find use digital resources to organize of tour preparation
  • How to plan city tour itineraries that run on time and plan for unexpected delays

 Situational Handling

  • How to identify missing information needed to deliver a successful tour assignment
  • You’ve been hired for an incentive program and need to plan with fellow incentive team members, the logistics and delivery of the job as well as emergencies and situations that happen on tour
  • How do you balance being a leader but also work successfully in a team?
  • How do we make guests feel comfortable in new and unique settings?
  • Challenges with Meet & Greets
  • How to deliver culturally appropriate commentary
  • How to balance the excellent guest experience with the effective logistics
  • How to solve problems and handle emergencies when things go wrong on tour
  • How to take your tours to the next level with expert tips, strategies, and best practices
  • How to navigate airports and greet arriving and departing guests
  • How to implement local guiding best practices including on and off coach “dos” and “don’ts”
  • How to avoid top mistakes that new tour guides make
  • How to work with inexperienced motorcoach drivers
  • How to plan walking tours and avoid common mistakes
  • How to get high marks and employer reviews to get re-hired

 Psychology of Group Travel

  • We are revisiting one of our previous projects and taking a deeper dive into emotional intelligence
  • How to not only problem solve but avoid common problems in the first place
  • We are talking about the Birds & the Bicycle because they are the two sharpest tools in your
  • Customer Service tool kit
  • How to handle common guest questions
  • How to help guests feel safe and comfortable on tour
  • How to use Personality Assessment tools to deliver more effective customer service on tour
  • How to represent the tour company and be an ambassador of goodwill on tour
  • How to establish the rules and tone of the tour and why this is a critical step
  • How to deliver VIP service and anticipate guest’s needs at Meet & Greets

 Resume and Cover Letter Coaching

  • Find job opportunities
  • Write your cover letter to wow tourism industry professionals
  • Create a functional resume geared towards your dream job
  • Find out what tour companies ate looking for when they hire
  • Create a video introduction
  • Design memorable business cards
  • Apply to tour companies
  • Prepare for your interviews
  • How to use social media and marketing to get hired

 Lifetime Access to ITMI Portal

  • You have lifetime access to your Tour Guide Certification Portal. ITMI doesn’t stop moving forward to stay ahead of the latest trends and changes...you shouldn’t have to either
  • Come back for the most updated technology, procedures and industry changes


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