Tour Directors and Tour Guides are Ambassadors of Goodwill. They make a difference every day by building bridges of cultural understanding around the world. 

We celebrate the spirit of volunteerism, community service, and global stewardship demonstrated by our dedicated alumni. We are proud to count these caring individuals among our more than 8,000 amazing graduates living around the world. Their human rights, disaster relief, poverty assistance, environmental protection, and many other efforts are truly an inspiration to us all.  

Founding Signatory of the Future of Tourism Coalition

We’re proud to be a Founding Signatory of the Guiding Principles put forth by the newly formed Future of Tourism Coalition! These transformative principles outline a bold vision for the future of tourism – one that retains the integrity of destinations, promotes inclusivity and equality, maximizes positive impacts for communities and environments, and fosters collaborative change. As a Founding Signatory, we commit to align our recovery strategies with these principles and lead the way to a better future for all. Learn more at #FutureofTourism

As an ITMI Tour Director and Tour Guides, you will have a unique opportunity to become ambassadors of goodwill, to demonstrate respect for other cultures and traditions, and for the environment.

All of our courses include training in socially responsible and environmentally-conscious tourism. ITMI supports Tourism Cares, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of landmarks and historic sites for future generations.

We are proud to say we were the first Travel and Tourism school to include education about human trafficking awareness in its curriculum, provided in partnership with Human Thread.

We are also a signatory to The Code, a tourism industry initiative to protect children from sex trafficking and sex tourism.

ITMI continually strives to expand its reach within the tourism industry and beyond to support initiatives that address the environmental and humanitarian challenges of our time. We are proud to be a part of a movement of people who are inspired to make a difference in the world as agents of peace and transformation.


Get free access to our "Spot & Stop Human Trafficking" Course

We invite you to take part in conversations we started 8 years ago, this time online. 

What to do:

Sign up for the ITMI “Spot & Stop Human Trafficking” online training course. Use the coupon code “hta2021” to get it for FREE.

With your efforts we have…

  • Saved 8 children from being trafficked
  • Broke a World Record for Awareness
  • Created an ITMI Safe House in Haiti
  • Built a free online training course for travel leaders and professionals in partnership with EastguidesWest
  • Integrated Human Trafficking into our tour guide and tour director certification training programs
  • Brought Human Trafficking Awareness training and conversations to our Symposium and other industry conferences
  • Supported ECPAT USA (a worldwide network of organizations working to end the sexual exploitation of children)
  • Supported Airline Ambassadors International
  • Created programs inside hotels
  • Work within organizations and non-profits to help eradicate trafficking


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