A Tour Director is a representative of a Tour Company who provides the guest with the experience of a lifetime. While a Tour Guide is an expert in one particular area, a Tour Director is in charge of a group of people throughout a multi-day experience and is a master of many trades. Tour Directors wear many hats and have quite a few skills to perfect. That is exactly what this training experience is all about! Upon completion of the ITMI Tour Guide Certification training, you will be ready to take your skills to the next level and get hired to lead groups to multiple destinations.

Similarly to how you begin your ITMI Tour Guide Certification course, you will receive access to the online and resource portals where we will introduce essential concepts through lessons, training videos, interviews, articles, assignments and more.


 Online Portal

  • Lifetime Access to the Online Training Portal with over 80 Lessons, Videos, Tools, Check Lists

 Pre-Departure Planning

  • Using the Technical to Help Plan Commentary and Routing
  • Finding Rest Stops, Photo Stops and Points of Interest
  • Hospitals / ATM / Pharmacies / Grocery
  • Filler Material
  • Routing and Timing Charts
  • Commentary and Storytelling


  • Websites and Apps for Tour Directors
  • Daily Overviews via PowerPoint
  • Cords / Coach Hookups
  • Proper Microphone Techniques
  • Use of Google My Maps
  • Use of Radio Guide Systems
  • Files & Resources Storage Options

 Guest Expectations

  • Ways to Get to Know Your Guests
  • Communicating with Guests Daily
  • Typical Questions Guests Will Ask
  • Making Guests Feel Safe and Comfortable
  • Entertainment on Tour

 Pre-Field Training Recap

  • Pre-Field Trip Training Assignments

 Tour Operator Expectations

  • Seat Rotation
  • Luggage Handling, Tracking and Porterage
  • Counting the Guests
  • Interactions with Guests
  • Coach Technology
  • Selling Optional Experiences
  • Selling of Items on the Coach
  • Multi-Coach Moves
  • When to Contact Tour Operators During the Trip
  • Guest Evaluations

 Important Lessons, Checklists and Resources

  • Articles
  • Diffusing Anger
  • Ice Breakers
  • Commentary / Storytelling Resources

Part 2


We learn by doing!  The class has components to be viewed prior to the Online class. Our online classes will have an assignment where we will APPLY what was learned in Tour Guide Certification, and the pre-work of Tour Director.  It is important to have a solid foundation to build upon.

Three weeks before your In-Person Field Training, we will begin live online classes. You will be working together with your instructors and peers to plan commentary and logistics of the Field Training experience. You will also have a post class on the intricacies of international tours and get started with our career launch pad during another online session.

 Online Classes with Master Instructors to Prepare for the In-Person Field Training

  • What to expect from a Tour Operator when you get hired
  • How to sign a contract with a Tour Operator properly
  • How to plan both engaging commentary and filler material
  • How to effectively meet guests at a Welcome Desk and Welcome Event
  • How to quickly and easily remember guest’s names
  • How to pack and prepare your pre-trip briefing
  • The latest travel procedures and COVID protocols to keep everyone safe
  • How to review timing charts and turn-by-turn routing directions for commentary
  • How to use Google and other websites and apps as tools to plan your tours
  • How to find and manage restrooms, photos, and other important stops on tour
  • How to use a Tour Operator “Technical” to plan the details of your tour
  • How to get 5-Star reviews on your tour guest evaluations and get rehired
  • How to locate hospitals, pharmacies, ATMs, and grocery stores where you are
  • When to use the right “Filler Material” to keep your guests entertained to buy you time
  • How much to talk and when keep quiet on a long road trip
  • How to work with your drivers and vendors and what to do if there are problems
  • How to properly confirm reservations for hotels, attractions, and transportation

 Five Days Hands On Training San Francisco to Los Angeles Including Hotel & Motorcoach Transportation

  • 4 hotel nights, some meals, and attraction fees included
  • Instructor-led, hands-on tour simulation training on a motorcoach with 3 master instructors
  • Welcome reception and orientation briefing
  • Full-day city tour training workshop
  • How to plan a welcome event and run a welcome desk when guests check-in
  • The typical questions guests ask before, during, and at the end of your tours
  • What technology you are expected to know and use on tour
  • How to utilize Google maps and customize Google My Maps to impress guests
  • How to handle guest complaints and deal with angry guests or vendors
  • The right strategies to keep track of guests and their luggage from city to city
  • How to help guests feel safe and comfortable on tour with new people
  • How to properly handle guests who are always late or uncooperative
  • What to do if someone gets lost, sick, injured, or passes away on tour
  • The things you should never do on a tour that will get you fired
  • How to safely evacuate a motorcoach in case of an emergency or breakdown
  • Why seat rotations are important and how to do them correctly
  • How to utilize personal listening devices effectively on tour to help guests hear
  • How to work professionally with step-on guides and other local and national guides
  • How to safely and effectively use the microphone on a moving vehicle
  • The proper etiquette, attire, and expectations from tour guests and employers
  • How to sell optional experiences without being pushy and salesy
  • How to coordinate multi-bus moves with other Tour Directors and drivers
  • How to properly communicate with Tour Operators while on tour
  • How to handle special dietary and dining needs when options are limited
  • How to smoothly manage the hotel check-in process for a bus full of guests
  • How to account for money, submit invoices, and get paid by your tour company
  • How to handle mistakes with grace and still deliver excellent guest experiences
  • How to use the right tools to better understand and work with guests on tour
  • What to do in case of a natural disaster, accident, or civil unrest during a tour
  • How to meet up with your tour groups at the airport or hotel

 Online Live Tour Director Post Class and Career Launch Pad

  • Find job opportunities
  • Write your cover letter to wow tourism industry professionals
  • Create a functional resume geared towards your dream job
  • Find out what tour companies are looking for when they hire
  • Create a video introduction
  • Design memorable business cards
  • Apply to tour companies
  • Prepare for your interviews



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