ITMI Symposium Payment for Tour Operators

Price includes virtual interviews with tour directors on Oct. 25 and 27 where you will have an opportunity to group interview and hire qualified professionals for multi-day tours, local tours, and in-house positions.

Meet some of the top talent in the industry without leaving your office. Computer with video and audio required to participate.

Registration includes admission to the in-person ITMI Symposium at NTA’s Travel Exchange in Cleveland Nov. 14-17.

If you wish to participate in Travel Exchange as an appointment-taking buyer or tour operator seller, click here to learn more about registration options and pricing.

Please click the button below make payment and confirm your registration:

Event Registration Payment

Symposium Tour Operator Registration – $199

Registration fee includes both virtual and in-person events

Additional Event Options

Government Relations Breakfast Bistro – $75

(Wednesday, November 17; non-refundable)

WFTA Food TreX Registration – $99

The FoodTreX North America Summit connects destinations, entrepreneurs, and key stakeholders to focus on the business of culinary tourism development and promotion, specifically from a North American perspective.

(Includes World Food Travel Association educational sessions on November 14 and 15)

More information here: Food TreX – NTA Travel Exchange

HOUSING: Please complete housing registration at to secure your accommodations.

Click here for a full schedule of Symposium/Travel Exchange events. To book your hotel in an official conference hotel or see the Delta discount code on air travel, click here.

Waiver of Liability: Attendee, by completing his or her registration application, assumes all risks of disease, illness, personal injury, sickness,
and death, while attending or traveling to and from Travel Exchange; and acknowledges and agrees NTA and ITMI can make and makes no
guarantees, promises, or agreements of any type as to the safety or security of Attendee while attending or traveling to and from Travel
Exchange, and Attendee assumes and accepts all risks in this regard. The Attendee, by completing and executing and delivering this Travel
Exchange registration application, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NTA and ITMI and the officers, directors, employees, and agents of
NTA and ITMI from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees to which NTA and
ITMI and/or the officers, directors, employees or agents of NTA and ITMI may become subject or liable as a result of or arising out of, directly or
indirectly, any action or conduct of you and/or your agents, guests, licensees, employees or invitees while attending, participating and/or
traveling to and from Travel Exchange, including, but not limited to accidents, theft, physical injury, death, fire or otherwise. The Attendee, by
completing and executing and delivering this Travel Exchange registration application, on behalf of itself, agree jointly and severally, to the
fullest extent permitted by applicable law, to release and waive any and all claims against NTA and ITMI and the officers, directors, employees,
and agents of NTA and ITMI and to discharge NTA and ITMI and them from any losses, obligations, costs, and expenses arising from or due to
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or omissions caused by the intentional, willful, or gross and reckless conduct of NTA and ITMI and/or its employees acting within the scope of
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interpretation or construction hereof shall be governed by the internal laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and not the laws of conflict. By
completing and executing and delivering the Attendee’s Travel Exchange registration application, the Attendee consents and agrees for no
compensation, to the use by NTA and ITMI for all purposes of all images, photographs or videos of Attendee at Travel Exchange.