Goodwill Ambassador

Tomas Garza

Tomas Garza Organization/Effort: Peace Corps Location: Mongolia Service Work: Teaching English to adults and elementary-age students “It reminds you that there is nothing insurmountable about a language barrier – that commonalities between people

Eugene Ebner

Eugene Ebner Organization: Ebner-Page Productions Location: Denver Service Work: Embracing diversity and making a difference through various tours and media enterprises “It’s connecting on this deeper level and being able to inspire guests

Sherry Paul

Sherry Paul Organization: Kids, Cameras, Conservation Location: Namibia, Zimbabwe Service Work: Teaching indigenous children about conservation photography “I know from experience that when you become emotionally connected with your subject, you create a

Yvette Kaplan

Yvette Kaplan Organization: Facing History and Ourselves Location: Various Service Work: Educating students and adults about the Holocaust “I think it’s very important to be an Ambassador of Goodwill, to open people’s eyes

Rena Groot

Rena Groot Organization: International Messenger Location: Uganda Service Work: Engaging and helping children at various stages in their lives “We all have something to give…don’t underestimate what you can do to bless someone’s

Len Holmes

Len Holmes Organization: Cycle of Hope Location: Various Service Work: Bicycling to raise money for Habitat for Humanity “I’ve been a bike rider all my life, but the long-distance takes real commitment and

Shelby Spahar

Shelby Spahar Organization: All Hands Volunteers Location: Nepal Service Work: Rebuilding homes, schools, and community development centers; demolishing dangerous and uninhabitable structures “I learned that in recognizing our common bond as humans, we

The Great Teacher & Healer…Keep Traveling

The Chinese National Guide was leading a tour group of Americans through Tiananmen Square. All of a sudden she picked up the microphone and said to the group “I’m so sorry to tell you this, but at this very moment

Barnaby Davies

Barnaby Davies Organization/Effort: Raising human trafficking awareness Location: Various Service Work: Visited a record-breaking number of national capitals in 24 hours “I’m passionate about eradicating trafficking, and I feel like we have to

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