Yvette Kaplan

Yvette Kaplan Organization: Facing History and Ourselves Location: Various Service Work: Educating students and adults about the Holocaust “I think it’s very important to be an Ambassador of Goodwill, to open people’s eyes to reality, and that every single person can do some good. ” — Yvette Kaplan A Survivor’s Story Yvette Kaplan – Class #123 Yvette Kaplan had […]

Tomas Garza

Tomas Garza Organization/Effort: Peace Corps Location: Mongolia Service Work: Teaching English to adults and elementary-age students “It reminds you that there is nothing insurmountable about a language barrier – that commonalities between people always win out.” — Tomas Garza Teacher and Student Tomas Garza – Class #294 After serving in Mongolia with the Peace Corps, tour director Tomas […]

Sherry Paul

Sherry Paul Organization: Kids, Cameras, Conservation Location: Namibia, Zimbabwe Service Work: Teaching indigenous children about conservation photography “I know from experience that when you become emotionally connected with your subject, you create a reason to care about it – whether it’s a person, a place, or an animal.” — Sherry Paul A New Perspective Sherry Paul – Class […]

Shelby Spahar

Shelby Spahar Organization: All Hands Volunteers Location: Nepal Service Work: Rebuilding homes, schools, and community development centers; demolishing dangerous and uninhabitable structures “I learned that in recognizing our common bond as humans, we can defeat any problem.” — Shelby Spahar Cherishing Humanity Shelby Spahar – Class #287 After a deadly earthquake-ravaged Nepal in April 2015, Shelby Spahar’s path […]

Rena Groot

Rena Groot Organization: International Messenger Location: Uganda Service Work: Engaging and helping children at various stages in their lives “We all have something to give…don’t underestimate what you can do to bless someone’s life.” — Rena Groot My group at youth camp Sharing some fun Precious little people watching us load vans for youth camp Above and Beyond […]

Barnaby Davies

Barnaby Davies Organization/Effort: Raising human trafficking awareness Location: Various Service Work: Visited a record-breaking number of national capitals in 24 hours “I’m passionate about eradicating trafficking, and I feel like we have to try to stop this practice in its tracks.” — Barnaby Davies For the Record Barnaby Davies – Class #288 When Barnaby Davies set out to […]

Len Holmes

Len Holmes Organization: Cycle of Hope Location: Various Service Work: Bicycling to raise money for Habitat for Humanity “I’ve been a bike rider all my life, but the long-distance takes real commitment and time.” — Len Holms Pedaling with a Purpose Len Holmes – Class #287 Len Holmes’ bike has many meaningful miles on it.  The 73-year-old San […]

Eugene Ebner

Eugene Ebner Organization: Ebner-Page Productions Location: Denver Service Work: Embracing diversity and making a difference through various tours and media enterprises “It’s connecting on this deeper level and being able to inspire guests to not only experience what they’re seeing, but also opening them up to share their own story.” — EUGENE EBNER The Gratitude Piece Eugene Ebner […]